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About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Francine Giordani and I am the CEO of Franny Sensational, LLC. I am married and the mother of a handsome baby boy. If I told you that business was part of my plan, I would be lying. At a young age, I was depressed about my body image. Thoughts about my image consumed me. Although I worked out, it seemed as if I could never get my stomach to decerease or the skin around it to tighten. This birthed the initial idea of developing a weight loss cream that would help me to lose weight faster and more efficiently. After many failed attempts and an extensive amount of research, I developed a formula that produced the results I was longing to see. I documented my journey through Instagram, which inspired my earliest customers to try it out. Through this process, God helped me perfect my cream, and He transformed the way I see myself. Today, my desire is to help people who have struggled with the size of their stomach and losing weight. It worked for me, and I want to share this product with you.​​


Sensational Cream is the perfect choice for new moms looking to lose weight and tone their mommy tummy. In these pictures I had just given birth to my baby boy, with 2 months of consistency using Sensational Cream as you guys can see i was able to lose my mommy tummy. And the best part? I'm not the only one who have used Sensational Cream and seen fast results, Our customers have seen amazing results in just a short amount of time using Sensational Cream.

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